About Mary Jo Climie & ComplianceWorks Consulting

I have worked in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry for almost 2 decades starting with "carrying a bag" in a sales role then moving into Marketing as a Brand Manager. Since 2014, my focus has been in Ethics & Compliance as well as Compliance Operations. The insights gained through my experience has enabled me to effectively balance a keen appreciation for the challenges faced by businesses in the Life Sciences industry with the need for a robust foundation of good governance and compliance. As of June 2023, I am proud to take this experience and build it into my own consulting business, ComplianceWorks Consulting.

As the President and Principal Consultant of ComplianceWorks Consulting, I am committed to delivering exceptional services and upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. My promise to clients is to provide comprehensive guidance and support to ensure their operations align with ethical principles, minimize risks, and remain in compliance with all applicable Canadian regulations and industry best practices.

I understand and appreciate the unique challenges faced by organizations in the Canadian Life Sciences sector, where ethical considerations and regulatory compliance are of utmost importance. With my expertise and industry knowledge, I offer tailored solutions that address the specific needs and complexities of each client. I will assist you in developing and implementing robust compliance programs, conducting thorough risk assessments, and designing effective internal controls to mitigate potential risks. Through training and education, I can help you empower your employees to make ethical choices and handle compliance issues proactively.

My "people first" approach is characterized by a collaborative mindset and an appreciation of the importance of change management. I prioritize building strong relationships with my clients, gaining a deep understanding of their business objectives, and tailoring my strategies accordingly. I am always accessible and responsive, ready to provide guidance and support whenever needed.

With my promise as your Canadian ethics, risk, and compliance partner, I will work with you to empower ethics, manage risk, and ensure compliance across your organization. Together, we will navigate the complex landscape of the Canadian Life Sciences industry while fostering a culture of integrity and excellence.