Our Services

A well rounded menu of services enables a holistic approach to meeting your ethics, risk, and compliance needs.

General Compliance Support

Whether it's a specific project to write an SOP or longer term comprehensive compliance support, I can provide assistance to organizations to ensure their adherence to applicable Canadian laws, regulations, policies, and industry and organizational standards through activities aimed at promoting ethical conduct, mitigating risks, and maintaining compliance. 

Compliance Operations Review

Compliance operations reviews are essential for organizations to ensure continuous operational improvement to maintain integrity, mitigate risks, and ensure alignment with relevant Canadian laws, regulations, industry standards, and internal policies. My ultimate goal for these reviews is to work with my clients to implement change that will streamline compliance operations, minimize risks, and enhance overall efficiency through establishing effective systems, procedures, and controls.

Monitoring & Audit Preparation

Compliance monitoring and audit preparation are crucial aspects of any organization's compliance operations. These practices help maintain transparency, mitigate risks, protect the organization's reputation, and bring valuable insights to the Business.

Whether it's a point-in-time compliance "health check" or a deeper dive in preparation for an upcoming audit, I am here to help you uncover and identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness of your compliance operations and enable you to implement corrective action when needed.

Risk Assessment

Conducting an assessment of high risk activities can provide organizations with a holistic view of their compliance-related processes and controls.

I can help your organization by reviewing activities, existing controls, and potential impacts of  the associated risks with the goal of implementing effective controls, policies, and procedures to mitigate those risks in the future. Conducting and following through on a risk assessment will help minimize the likelihood of compliance failures, protect business continuity, and ensure your organization can withstand scrutiny or the disruption of unexpected events.

Training & Continuous Learning

Compliance training and continuous learning are extremely important in today's dynamic and complex environment. Compliance training refers to the process of educating employees on laws, regulations, and internal policies that govern their actions within the organization. Continuous learning, on the other hand, involves fostering a culture of ongoing education and the practical development to enhance employees' knowledge and skills.

With my experience in creating and conducting ethics and compliance training and continuous learning modules and workshops, I will work with our organization to customize a program specific to your compliance needs.